Saturday, December 27, 2014

Strange Google Earth Anomaly

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Below is a very strange image.  When I first saw it, I thought Google had captured some of the old highway under the water...  

CRH Under River in 6/27/2013 Image?
Google Earth June 27, 2013

However, compare the size of the road to the freeway and...  Whoa, maybe not!

This is some strange imaging artifact here.  Could the water be magnifying the old CRH somehow?  Or is it just some weird camera thing, or digital processing error or something?  It does have a yellow center line, though, which the freeway does not have, and 14 seems a bit out of range...

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be some lost "Atlantean" section of the CRH.  It is not in the right place.  

Comparing the two images above, while there may have been land at the site of the anomaly at one point, it was clearly north of the Canal, which means that this is not submerged CRH.

TOP: Columbia River: The Dalles Dam (Under Construction) to Horsethief Butte
I need to relocate the source of this image!

BOTTOM: Long Narrows 6-27-13Google Earth Imagery Date: June 27, 2013

However, looking at the photo with the anomaly, there could be some CRH down in the trench between the westbound and eastbound lanes.  Sure looks like pavement, and in all the previous years, that area has been completely underwater.  Might have been a bit drier out that way in 2013?  Anyone up for some snorkeling?

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