Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Pavement, Old Lines

Old Lines (2014)

Old Lines (2014)
Original Pavement at Patterson Ferry Road Columbia River Highway. Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge.
Irrigon, Oregon. March 28, 2014
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The painted lines on the road may offer some clue as to when the various sections of pavement lapsed out of service. 

In many places along the dormant / abandoned sections of the highway, one will find these sorts of stripes, one painted over the other.  Peg Willis explains why:

Sometime between Rexford's innovative striping of the highway and 1954, the centerline color had changed to yellow.  By 1958, the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads mandated white...  But after only two years, the yellow lines were back - at least on the state highways.

Peg Willis. Building the Columbia River Highway: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. Charleston: The History Press.  2014. 135.

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