Saturday, March 29, 2014

Building the Columbia River Highway by Peg Willis

Building the Columbia River Highway: They Said It Couldn't Be DoneBuilding the Columbia River Highway: They Said It Couldn't Be Done by Peg Willis
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By far the best book on the old highway that I've read. A great overview for people who are just getting to know the history of the Columbia River Highway and the Gorge in general, but full of new and interesting tidbits for people more familiar with the material.

I really enjoyed the biographies of the "characters" involved with the construction, larger than life individuals that made the highway possible. While these larger than life figures are often mentioned along with a few interesting details about their lives and personalities, Willis takes the time to explore their lives in more detail, which adds an compelling level of insight to the nature of the time period in the region and to the highway itself.

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